Re: folder pane minimized in Outlook 2013

Vicky Vaughan

Hi Sherri,

I am using Jaws 2018 and Outlook 2016, If yours works like mine, you should be able from your list view, be able to press Control+y, type the name of the folder and then press enter.  You’ll then be able to arrow down through the messages within it.


If I want to save a message to one of my folders, in order to see the list of folders I have to press Escape, to go back to the list view and then I press Shift+F10 followed by m, for move, then o and in order to see all the folders, I go to the top with Control+Home and start arrowing down and when I find the one I want I can just press Enter.


Hope that helps.


Sincerely, Vicky


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Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 10:23 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] folder pane minimized in Outlook 2013


Hello list,


Somehow, my folder pane has been minimized in Outlook so I cannot move from folder to folder.  I am using Jaws 2018 and wonder if there is a way to maximize the folder pane.  Thank you.



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