Re: norton and jaws and adobe digital editions for epub books


Yes you should be able to get the digital edition without anything
else. A lot of installation sites offer add-ons or other software
that is sometimes checked by default as a way to generate revenue for
their hosting services.

Whenever you go to a download site, make sure you go through the
entire list of options before hitting the Install button. That way
you can make sure you aren't getting any added software you don't


On 1/22/19, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:
Ok well I finally got my RCA cambio tablet reset. I had to turn it off. Turn
it back on and then keep tapping f9 until the windows10 troubleshooter came
up and windows narrator turned on. And then I reset windows10 and told it to
wipe out and remove everything and it did. Everything is back installed the
way I like except for a game or two that I can get later on. So my question
is this. Norton and its junk I do not care about has been wiped out. So is
there a way I can get adobe digital edition without Norton? I don’t want the
Norton stuff to be installed all over again. I just want adobe digital
edition software so I can read epub books. Or will google chrome let me read
epub books with the bookmarking features and stuff?


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