Re: Question re. file explorer

Rebecca Lineberger

JAWS does speak details for the date, size, etc. categories, when you arrow right, but you have to have your view set to details.

Open the documents folder and try this shortcut.  It worked for me in Windows 7 and now in Windows 10.

Press control-shift and the 6 on top of the keyboard.  JAWS doesn’t speak when you do it, but if you then arrow right through the various categories on a folder, the details should be there.

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Question re. file explorer


I believe it in the view menu, but also, when on an item, if you arrow right, then it does read such things as date, type of file etc.




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Subject: [jaws-users] Question re. file explorer


A friend has asked if there is still a setting in Jaws to have all the column information spoken when arrowing down through the file list in File explorer. He said that in the past this was possible but he can not find the setting in the current version of Jaws.




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