Re: Office 2019?

g melconian <gmelconian619@...>

I am wondering the same thing was Jaws 19 and office 2019 as well I had it on my system and I went back to office 2016 till I can figure out what is the pick up issues with jaws 19 I see some issues here in there so that is why what bhakti 2016-2016 is working beautifully was Jaws 2019 but 2019 of office I don't know I had some issues so I uninstalled my copying went back to the previous version of office 2016

On January 21, 2019 2:28:10 PM "Kliph via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

Anyone used office 2019? Any hiccups with jaws or windows with office 2019? Thanks.

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