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Adrian Spratt

Thanks, Chris. As I just replied to Rick, I’d never understood what that “change’ button was doing there. I’m glad you stayed with me on this.


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Select file of type you wish to change association for

Using the right click context menu select properties

Then tab around the general tab till you find a change button

Select program from list

Hit ok

Then apply and ok to exit


You are done


From: Adrian Spratt
Sent: 20 January 2019 14:38
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] File association


You need to give the keystrokes that got you to this point because I’m not finding it.


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I mean under the file properties under the general tab theres a section to change which  program to  open the file with


From: Adrian Spratt
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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] File association


By “file properties,” I take it you mean to put focus on the file and press alt-enter. I’ve gone through the entire Properties dialog without finding an option to open with a different application. However, when I press the applications key, one option that appears is “Open with…”


Is that what you meant? If so, in the case of the file type where I wanted a different application to be the default, no viable program options were made available. That’s unusual, but all I was offered was a link to the MS apps store.


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You guys do make it so complicated


Just change it through the file properties, its as simple as that!





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Sent: 19 January 2019 22:56
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In Windows 7, the file association process was handled essentially with two columns, one of applications, the other of file types. I could, for example, select Window Media Player in the first column, then turning to the second, use first-letter navigation (beginning with a period) to locate a file type I wanted that application to open.


In Windows 10, as Mike B explains in a post I’ve copied below, you select a general category, such as email or video, and choose an application to handle that entire genre.


But what if I want Windows Media Player to handle some audio file types but VLC some other audio file types? It looks like the only way to do this is to select “Choose default app by file types.” Clicking on this link takes me to an interminable list of file types listed by button so that I must tab three thousand times to get, for example, to .WAV.


Is there a more efficient method available to screenreader users?


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Subject: File association


Hi Glenn,


Try the following:

1. Windows key + I, to open Settings, tab 1 time to, System, now right arrow to, Apps, and press enter.

2. Tab 1 time to get into a list of options, down arrow to Default Apps and press enter.

3. Tab 1 time to hear, Email... button, and press enter.  Now tab or shift / tab to find the email client you want to use for the default and press enter.

4. You can now close out and check to make sure your choice sticks.

Take care.  Go Rams!
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You should be able to go to control panel and type in default programs and tab to set a default program and find it in the list.

I may be leaving out a final step, I don't know windows 10 very well.

I just tried helping someone do this with setting windows 10 mail program as the default program, and it still defaults to Thunderbird.


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From: Kevin

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Subject: [jaws-users] word as default


How do I make ms word 2016 the default word processor?

In the default apps there is no word processing choice!


Windows 10 version 18 03


Jaws 2018 current build



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