Re: How to rip CDs with VLC

ratshtron <northstarr1950@...>

try the following and see if this works for you:

1: insert your cd in to your cd rom and hold a shift key down to stop any automatic starting of the cd playing.
2: once the cd is inserted and not playing, execute vlc
3: press alt+m and down arrow to convert. . . . and press enter
4: now, press alt plus d and tab to convert. . . and press enter again
5: tab to destination and press enter, you will be prompted for a file name, I would enter something like c:\filename and press enter.
6: tab to save and press enter.
7: now, tab till you hear start press enter and press enter. the process should start. if you are running windows 10, you may be prompted to save the rip to the music folder, there, press alt plus y. hope this helps.

Legend has it that on Saturday 1/19/2019 05:04 PM, Adrian Spratt said:
I'm hoping someone can give me step-by-step instructions for how to rip a CD with VLC media player. I've tried intuition and Google, but I'm getting nowhere. I know to start with control-r, and I also know to select disc. I know that VLC recognizes the CD I have in that drive. However, I can't get any results. One time I accidentally recorded two tracks, but even though they were somehow saved as .WAV files and VLC is my default .WAV app, there's no sound. By contrast, when I just play the CD with VLC, the sound is fine.

I'll mention that I have Windows Media player set to rip CDs, but I close that program when I want VLC to do the job. Could it be interfering anyway?

Thanks for any instructions or tips.

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