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I just went through the process. I’ll try to give you a step-by-step.


Be sure to close Chrome, then reopen it. Otherwise the setting you need might not appear.

Go to settings.

Press h until you land on “At Startup.”

Here you will arrow down through three checkboxes. The one you want is the third, “Open a specific page or set of pages.”

Tab to “Add a new page.”

Google assumes you may want more than one page to open at startup, hence this seemingly irrelevant wording.  Even if you want only one page to open at startup, select this option.

The edit box you want will appear. I had to press enter to go into forms mode, then I typed the URL.

Tab until you find the appropriate close-out option. I don’t recall its name.


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I was trying to help a friend set up her chrome.

In the tutorial from a list member, It said:

Next Important heading:

On Start up.

Here is where you put in your URL that you want to show as soon as you start Chrome.

There are three radio buttons to pick from, but I chose to open with a specific page or pages, which is the third radio button.

Under this, you can type in the URL of the web site that you want to open when you start Chrome.


We chose the third button but could not figure out how to enter a web address.

Underneath my checkboxes is the address for google, but JAWS does not list that as being in an edit box.

I set Chrome up so long ago that I can’t remember what I did.

We experimented with the options that followed, more actions, add a new page and use current page, I think it said.  She saw no edit box.

When I google, I find the following directions:

• Open Chrome.

• Click the overflow icon that looks like three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

• Click to open the Settings menu.

• Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings.

• Select Open a specific page or set of pages under On Startup.

• Select Set pages.

list end

Obviously as a keyboard user, I can’t get to that overflow icon as they called it with JAWS and this opens a menu of options not available from the settings menu from the alt key menu.

What are we missing?




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