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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Mike,
I'll have to try something else, because there are no windows open when I run the install.

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Hi Glenn,
After you click on the install button there's another button or checkbox you have to respond to.  It's a license agreement or something of that nature.  If you can't get it installed go to,
and get / install it from there.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: [jaws-users] Chrome Won't Install

I like Chrome, but I uninstalled it because I kept getting these spam-like popup, and no matter what settings I changed, they kept coming.
I would have to go into task manager to close all instances of it to get the popup to stop.
Anyway, I downloaded the installer again and it won't install.
I go into task manager and it says google chrome updater
I then close it and try again.
I downloaded the stand alone copy, and the same story.
Any ideas why it freezes and will not install?
Windows 7 64 and Jaws 2018

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