E-mail question

Geno Stone

So, I am using Jaws 2019 latest up-date, also use Outlook 2016 and when you type the person’s name, tab once and bingo..

Geno in a Freezer box in Portland, ME.

I am using g-mail with outlook, win 10, and JAWS 17.

Until two weeks agao, I could type someone’s name into the address box and it would automatically fill it in. now it seems that it doesn’t recognize theperson’s name just the e-mail address.

Example: I usually start typing Angela into the window and her name and e-mail addy would come up. Most of the time now it doesn’t do that unless I type jut the e-mail addy.

I have no other addy’s that do this either intermittently or otherwise.

Does my computer just not like me or what?


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