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I just did these steps in outlook 2010
Have the contacts list open, ctrl 3
1, ctrl+shift+l= create distribution list;
2, now type in the name of the distribution list;
3, tab once, you will hear the name of the list, press enter,
4, to add a contact arrow down, and press enter on the name you want, and repeat until you get all the people you want.
Or you can
5, now tab and enter on, members button, the client will be added.
6, if you go this way, don’t forget to shift tab to add another person.
7, tab to ok, space bar
8, ctrl s to save
9, alt f4

Hi Patti,

Thanks for your detailed reply/answer.

My question comes before this step in Outlook 2016 using JAWS 2018 and W10.

How to create a group email list? I hope this falls in the same subject line above.
I used to do that 10 years ago or so before losing my vision.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jim,
Here is how I added people to my distribution list.
I'm running J18, Outlook 2010.
Adding names to list
1, open up the group list you want
2, tab to the members list
3, alt H, M then C.
4, Arrow down to who I want to add, enter 5, Tab to Ok, enter That will put you back in your list of contacts

I HTH, Patti

Hello, I have been going around in circles with this task.

What was once called distribution lists are now called contact lists in Outlook 2016.
From the main Outlook Window, I pressed control 3 to go to contacts.
Then, from the Home tab of the ribbon, I choose New Contact group, type in a name, and press Alt S to Save.
Sure enough, the name of the contact group I have just created is there.
Now comes the hard part.
There is supposed to be a way to either add members from existing contacts, or add members manually to your newly created contact group.
I have looked in the Applications menu, all over the ribbon, but I am completely stumped, I have browsed the help topics, but cannot figure it out for some reason.
This seems like it should not be that difficult, so if anyone has been successful, I could sure use some guidance.
Thanks a lot.

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