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chris judge

I’ve been searching through my various mail boxes since this thread began. About a year ago I had a client who was looking for information on the accessibility of quick books with jaws. I believe I posted to this list and was referred to an agency in the US who were involved in making quick books accessible. I can’t seem to find the info. I did speak briefly to a gentlemen named Richard Kelly regarding this issue, but for the life of me, I can’t recall the name of the agency. He did tell me that there was a version of quick books that included a series of jaws scripts. I’m sorry, I don’t recall any more than that. My client was unable to pursue it due to other circumstances. If I can locate any helpful info I’ll pass along.


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Couldn’t doing this expose his clients’ confidential information to third parties?


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You might consider getting a basic account with Aira. I know this doesn't address issues with JAWS identifying fields properly in QuickBooks but since QuickBooks is one of the free offers in Aira, you could use the service with no additional charge in minutes for help with QuickBooks. To do so,


  1. Open the Aira app.
  2. Swipe to call using a free offer and execute it.
  3. Swipe to Products and execute it.
  4. Swipe to QuickBooks and execute it.


Alan Lemly


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Hello all,

I am running Windows 10, Jaws 17, and Quickbooks 2019.

I was recently hired as the office manager for a sawmill and logging mat fabrication facility here in North Carolina. They use Quickbooks as their accounting software. Intuit, the company behind Quickbooks, makes the following claims about Quickbooks 2019:

• Prompt announcement of windows and fields when they are accessed.
• Clear window titles with the right workflow context.
• Links are converted to buttons which are accessible with keyboard.

The first claim is especially important since fields do not anounce themselves when I tab to them. For instance, when I go to write a check, the first field comes up as Bank Account, and because it is the first field, Jaws seems to read the field title, Bank Account, fairly well. So I confirm the bank account is correct, then tab over one. The second field is the check number but guess what? Jaws says nothing. I arrow around in this field and verify that the check number is correct, then hit tab with again no feedback whatsoever from Jaws about which field I'm entering.

To enter bills, I've come up with a solution. I had sighted help to label all the fields in a text file so I don't have to depend on spoken field titles. but what if I lose my place while entering a bill? There's no help for it except to go up a few fields until I find my place again.

When there's a drop down menu, say if there are multiple entries under a certain vendor's name, I press alt with down arrow, which I thought was supposed to enter the dorpdown list, but the cursor moves somewhere else instead. There are other aspects of Jaws not working with Quickbooks that are exasperating, but if I could just get more feedback from Jaws about the fields, that would be so helpful. There is an organization called MyBlindSpot which develops scripts that are said to help Jaws read the QB program. They cost $275. I've been trying all this week to contact them about these scripts with no success. Freedom Scientific directed me to a few websites but gave no practical advice about how to get Jaws to read QB. I asked politely for a tandem session with someone who knows QB/Jaws and none was offered.

NVDA gives even less feedback with Quickbooks.

I want to hear from everybody who is using or has ever tried to use Quickbooks with Jaws. Would you advise me to buy these scripts without verifying that QB 2019 has been tested with these? or how about downgrading Quickbooks to an earlier version? Are there settings in Quickbooks that would help Jaws to read these fields, or a Jaws verbosity setting that would be of benefit? Changing screen echo to all and hiding the icon bar in Quickbooks and only showing one window have not helped.

I tried using Quickbooks with Jaws 2019, the demo version, with the same maddening results--field titles are not spoken.

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