Re: I Am Using Jaws 2019 But Keep Getting Prompted for a 2018 Update

chris judge


If you are getting prompted for an update for 2018 when you start your
computer, it means that you have jaws 2018 set to start automatically when
your computer starts. Do this. Go to your desktop and select the icon for
jaws 2019. Press altEnter to go in to properties. Tab twice and assign a hot
key to start jaws 2019. Press the letter j followed by the enter key. You
might get a message that says, access denied. Just ignore this and press
enter again to set the hot key. Next, unload your current version of jaws by
holding insert and pressing f4. You will be asked if you want to unload
jaws. Press enter on the ok button. Next, press the keystroke control alt J.
This should load jaws 2019. You can confirm which version is running by
going in to jaws help and choosing the, about jaws option. Once you have
determined that jaws 2019 is running, go in to jaws options, choose basics
and tab through the options to make sure jaws is set to run on start up. The
next time you start your computer the proper version of jaws should be

Hope this helps.


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Hello list,

I am using Jaws 2019. Whenever I reboot my computer I get a prompt saying
there is a Jaws update available. When I click yes, it shows Jaws
2018.1811.2. I really don't know if I ever installed this update in the
past. Should I go ahead & install it? It would seem to be unnecessary &I
don't want to impact anything from Jaws 2019. I don't want to check please
don't remind me of updates.

Sherry Wells

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