Re: "doing something" about notifications in action centre

David Bailes

concerning the notification from the printer in the action centre.
I thought that when a notification was the focus in the action center, pressing Enter or spacebar would take you to some relevant place, but maybe it doesn't have to. Once the notification is the focus, have you tried tabbing to check whether the notification contains any relevant buttons?
Note the keystroke windows key + V is not for use in the action centre. Rather if there is a notification banner (toast notification) then pressing windows key + v moves the focus to the notification banner.

On Sun, Aug 5, 2018 at 03:04 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Hey folks.


I’m using JAWS 18 and Windows 10, 1803.


I’ve never had a terrific time with the action centre, but, for example, when a notification from Windows Defender pops up, I’m usually able to read it and perform a related task. However, I’m currently a bit stymied and frustrated. I’m getting notifications from about both my printer, and Java runtime environment. The former notification says “new software information is available”, which I suppose might mean a driver update or something similar, and the latter is telling me a new version of Java is ready to be installed. I think I can update the java manually, but doing anything about the printer software is currently eluding me as the buttons in the “utilities” that came with it are not labeled properly. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to go directly to any information about these notifications in action centre. I’ve tried enter, spacebar, and even windows-v, which I read is supposed to do something with these (big question mark here), all to no avail. The space and enter keys just seem to exit out of action centre and windows-v does absolutely nothing.


Any ideas on how I might be able to directly respond to these notifications without hunting around within software or asking for sighted assistance.


Cheers guys!



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