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Bob Hicks

Hi Alan.  Which link actually downloads the free version?


Have a great day, 73


Bob Hicks, KC8CR


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I like the Macrium Reflect softward for making image backups of my Windows 7 system. The software is accessible with Fusion 2019 and allows me to backup my entire drive image to an external USB drive. Although I'm running an older version 6.x of the software, you can download version 7.x of Macrium Reflect from the following website:


I don't think the free edition will allow you to make differential backups but I always make a full backup of my system anyway so this isn't a problem for me. I like that Macrium lets you create a boot CD/DVD so that if your hard disk ever crashes, you can simply boot from the recovery CD, restore your backup image from your USB drive to a new hard disk, and then be back in business. Macrium also allows you to analyze your image backup as another drive letter on your system to selectively restore files as opposed to doing a full restore. I've used the program for a couple of years now and have not had any problems with it. I have fully restored a backup image using it but did so as a result of software problems with my system, not as the result of a hard disk crash.


Alan Lemly


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Problem is,
That the backup image isn't compressed and take a lot of space of another HDD.
I am not sure if you can restore windows 7 for example if created in win 10 respective using win 10 restoring tool.
Actually you can boot by win 10 from DVD or Pendrive and you will have speak system.


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charleseblack---31.12.2018 17:52:38---Actually, windows has a good software backup package. You just need to go to the command prompt and

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Actually, windows has a good software backup package. You just need to go to the command prompt and type the following:

wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget:E: -include:C: -allCritical -quiet

where the backup target is the destination of where you want the backup to be and the included target is what you are backing up. You should be in an admin account for this. Thanks!

Charles E. Black, MS.

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Hi, Folks.  What's a good backup software package that works with Jaws?
Thanks in advance.--Matthew Chao

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