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But you got thier attention which means There’s a good chance you probably have other major universities attention. And that’s what’s important. I know when I was attending Penn State, they mention your list a few times.  And I was talking to someone who attends  Drexel they even mentioned your list.  I’m sure if you asked around, other states have universities that say same thing.  

 I know that the disability support system in the universities talk to one another. So if Penn State Drexel and university of Pennsylvania got your list on the radar then you’re doing a good job and probably a lot of other people know about it

So obviously you are doing something right 

I know I don’t post much because the list is so informative it answers lots of my questions 

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Of course David is,

 da man!!!

The first 2 letters of his name are, D A!!  LOL 

Take care.  Go Rams!
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You da man!!!


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I guess after reading all of these replies we have to keep pushing on as REO Speed wagon says.


Interestingly enough or maybe not Pen State is not too far from here, although geographically I am a little closer to the university of Pittsburgh. I am also a former client of Blindness and visual services. In fact they paid for my computer education.


Thank you all for your encouragement.


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You’re doing a wonderful job, Ovr, and  blind and visual services of Pennsylvania, Penn State university, Arcadia University, I understand university of Pennsylvania. Have all pretty much referenced a recommended your list.

So you’ve got the attention of a lot of pretty powerful universities  just in Pennsylvania. Probably all over the country  as well.  Keep it up







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Well it looks like we are embarking on the 14th year of running this list. For the most part things have gone well and the guys are still interested in keeping this thing going.


It seems that it does serve a purpose so we will plow on ahead and give 2019 a shot. Besides we don't want anymore death threats like what happened when we shutdown the blind computing list some years ago.


No I am not making that up, but the credibility of the person was sadly lacking to be sure. No I don't recall who it was, or care for that matter.


Never the less until the call of retirement becomes too strong to ignore things will proceed with business as usual.


David Ferrin

David Ferrin
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