Re: may need a new computer - a few questions

Matthew Chao

Not only that, but some computers may not let you downgrade.--Matthew Chao

On 1/2/2019 12:46 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:
I can't recommend windows 10 enough. It does have its issues (what doesn't these days) but windows 7 is going to be gone by 2021, I think. And most new computers come with windows 10. Downgrading is only asking, if not begging, for countless incompatibilities with modern drivers.
On 2019-01-02 11:41 a.m., JM Casey wrote:

Never thought of that re control panel – windows 10 still has a control panel, which looks like control panel, and a settings app, which doesn’t. Thankfully starting with jAWS 2018, the settings app is no longer sluggish and almost unbearable to use with this screen-reader.

Anyway, yeah, Windows 10 is really fine, despite the constant “work in progress” nature, which I admit is a little irritating some of the time. I would certainly encourage people to leave Windows 7 behind if you are getting a new computer, as support will be phased out in a couple of years or so, and  your system should last longer than that – may as well start ahead instead of behind the curve.

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what do you have against windows10? and whatever you do just stay away from windows8. windows10 works great. it is like a combination of windows xp and windows7. i really like the windows10 settings application because it reminds me of the old windows xp control panel layout kind of.

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