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for one thing, computers that are manufactured from the factory for windows 10 can not be down graded to windows 7. there motherboard chip sets are not compatible with operateing systems older then windows 10.

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I can't recommend windows 10 enough. It does have its issues (what doesn't these days) but windows 7 is going to be gone by 2021, I think. And most new computers come with windows 10. Downgrading is only asking, if not begging, for countless incompatibilities with modern drivers.

On 2019-01-02 11:41 a.m., JM Casey wrote:

Never thought of that re control panel – windows 10 still has a control panel, which looks like control panel, and a settings app, which doesn’t. Thankfully starting with jAWS 2018, the settings app is no longer sluggish and almost unbearable to use with this screen-reader.

Anyway, yeah, Windows 10 is really fine, despite the constant “work in progress” nature, which I admit is a little irritating some of the time. I would certainly encourage people to leave Windows 7 behind if you are getting a new computer, as support will be phased out in a couple of years or so, and your system should last longer than that – may as well start ahead instead of behind the curve.

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what do you have against windows10? and whatever you do just stay away from windows8. windows10 works great. it is like a combination of windows xp and windows7. i really like the windows10 settings application because it reminds me of the old windows xp control panel layout kind of.

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