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one thing is to make sure it has a number lock key. some laptops and desktops do not have one.
because manufactures thank it is not used any more.
so you can't turn it off to use the number pad for jaws commands.

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Hi, what laptops to look for in Australia. Are ssd’s more expensive and what’s the biggest ssd I could get and not have to blow a lot of money. Well looking probably for a Lenovo. Toshiba does not make any consumer laptops or sells them any more. Only business machines which start from about $2,200 and can go all the way up to $5,000. And my brother purchased a acer for about $2,000, he has a business and also a gamer. So would be looking for the fast chipset, best audio, screen does not matter, as totally blind, do have 8 gb, but seems to struggle, and would like 16 or 32 gb, and a 1 tb hard disk, probably cannot do that for a ssd, and maybe lookin at about $1,000 or $1200.



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