Re: may need a new computer - a few questions

Glenn / Lenny

I really don't know.
However, I will buy Windows 8 before going to 10, and I may switch to Linux
or Apple rather than going with 10.

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Lenny and Group,

Firstly, Lenny, are you certain about your ability to purchase Windows
7 Extended Support? From what I saw in their press release, it is
only available to those who have volume licenses for Windows 7
Professional or Enterprise. Note, not only do you need Windows 7 Pro
but a volume license. And, then, you purchase the extended support on
a yearly basis, and the price goes up each year until it expires in
2023. As of now, unless you qualify for this ESWR, support for
Windows 7 ends on January 14 of 2020, just over a year away.

For the person who asked, PcMover is made by Laplink Software. You
have to purchase it to get a download. You can do that through their
website or other computer software purveyors like Newegg, Amazon, etc.
It has a single-use licensing code so it can't be shared.

Lansing, MI

On 1/1/19, Casey <cwollner@...> wrote:
Hi where can you get the PC mover program that you talked about hear on
Or can you provide A down load for it.

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First, I don't know whether that is indicative of a motherboard
failure, but in any event, with support for Windows 7 ending in a year
and a half, going to Windows 10 is inevitable.

There are people who use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10, so you can
hopefully install a copy if you have one; some of the sites that have
old programs archived that you can download might help.

I use LapLink PCMover to move most of my programs and data from an
older computer to a newer one. It will migrate almost anything,
including your emails, address book, a lot of other programs as well
as your settings and favorites. It is marginally accessible, it can
be done (or at least it could with the version I had) with Jaws, but
you need to be a pretty advanced user because sometimes you have to
use the OCR feature to make your choices.
The program costs about $40, but it beats the hell out of spending
several days trying to move all the data and installing all the
programs on a new PC.

Lansing, MI

On 12/31/18, Lenny McHugh <LennyMcHugh@...> wrote:
I think that my mb is going. When I power down I get a very loud static

sound in my speakers. This set is plugged into the mb. The other internal
sound card died about 2 years ago. This is a win 7 32 bit computer.
What do you mostly use for email on a win 10 machine?
I am still using windows live mail and really do like it.
If I can not install windows live mail on a new machine how do I move all

my saved emails to the new client?
I probably will also have a 2nd hard drive installed. I have always used
home or custome made machines. Not sure route I will take this time. If a
name brand I wonder if I would run system restore to get rid of all the

that they install?
thanks for any thoughts and Happy 2019 to all!


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