Re: Hidden Drive: How Do I Unhide It?


You will get other answers but here is what I do. I press the windows key and type, or start typing, this computer, and press return on it. You will find everything connected to your computer there. I go to the bottom of my list and I find a drive, named , E, that is the other hard drive on my computer. All my other drives and devices are listed there in the list. Good day and happy new year to you and all. I hope that 2019 brings you many more good things than problems.

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Hi, Folks. I'm running the most current version of Jaws and Windows 10.
When I go into this PC and look for drives other than C: I only see
the Blu-Ray drive, and not the USB 3.0 drive that's plugged into the
computer. However, under the "Safely Remove" item on the System Tray,
it's listed. How do I get the computer to see the external drive?
Thanks in advance.--Matthew Chao

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