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On my old laptop 32 bit, MS2010, windows 10 1803, and jaws 18

I don’t hear page break when I go to another page, on any documents.

Now on my new laptop 64 bit, MS2010, windows 10 1803, and jaws 19

I hear page break when I am arrowing down on all documents.

When I do a ctrl pagedown, I just hear page 2, but if I arrow up I hear page break.

I went back to jaws 18 on my new laptop, and the page break isn’t there, but when I go to the next page that is what I hear next page 2, and if I go back one page I hear prior page.


Patti, I’ve never encountered this problem in Word. Is it new for you? Does it happen in more than one document? Does you hear it only when you’re in “say all” and you move from one page to the next? I don’t have any ideas yet, but if you can be more specific, maybe something will occur to me or others here.


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I press ctrl 2, and it did nothing.

Is there something else that I could do?



You can press the control key two of silence computer with jars. Press the controller do you do you

On Jan 1, 2019, at 9:35 AM, patti <bbk381@...> wrote:

Hey Gang,

I’m running MS2010, jaws 18 and 19,

In a document how do I stop jaws saying page break?

Thanks for your help




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