Re: Word Document 2016 and the space markers problem


I think shift F8 will turn that off, or it did in earlier versions of Word before the ribbons and I think after that also, have no clue what to look for on the ribbons, as I used to know so many keystrokes that accomplished the same things without looking at ribbons.  Today, well nearly four years away from using Word daily, I need those ribbons. 



From: <> On Behalf Of Ali Benmerzouga
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2018 11:16 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Word Document 2016 and the space markers problem


Hello JAWS Experts,


I am facing this problem with my word 2016 documents yesterday and today. I do not know what I have hit and all of the sudden I have JAWS 2018 reading the word “Space Marker” whenever there is a blank space. I used to solve this problem when using JAWS 2017 by going to the ribbon and turn off something. This time I could not remember it and/or find/bump into  it.


I am using JAWS 2018, WINDOWS 10 AND MICROSOFT Word 2016.


Thanks for your help in advance.






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