EasyWorship Program - Is It JAWS-Friendly

michele thredgold

Happy new year everybody! Hope you all had a good one.

I was wondering if any JAWS users have come into contact with a program called EasyWorship. It's a program my church is using to access lyrics for church services and I believe you can also access recordings of the songs as well. I think the lyrics are, or can be translated into, powerpoints or into Word.

As I'm not confident with checking out a new program with no prior knowledge of its interface, I thought I'd ask on this list first if anyone else has had success using this program. I've been told that you can use keyboard shortcuts to control it, but I'm not sure whether this is for everything or not. It certainly would be an invaluable source of worship material for me, if it is accessible. I've also been advised that, if it's accessible, the church can register me as a user, so I won't have to pay for it.

Would really appreciate any helpful feedback.


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