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Loy <loyrg2845@...>

I am trying out Waterfox. So far it is working very good.

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Hi Sandy,

I am currently using Firefox 55.0.3 with Jaws 16 and it works fine. It
should also work with Jaws 17. I gave up on Jaws 17 after about 6
months, because of the constant crashes. I tried Jaws 18 when it came
out, but the crashes continued. I have a perfectly stable, usable
Windows 7 system with Jaws 16, Firefox 55 and Office 2010. Jaws never
crashes (I probably just jinxed myself) and I can get my work done,
which is the most important thing to me. Just be advised that Firefox 55
is a bit over a year old now, so it does not have all of the latest
security updates. But if you use the Internet in a responsible manner,
you should be ok. Also, if you have a version of Firefox newer than 55
already installed on your computer, you will have to uninstall it prior
to installing version 55. Here is a link that will take you to the
download page for the Windows 64-bit English version of FF 55.0.3:



On 12/31/2018 2:36 PM, sandy wrote:
> thank you
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> Sandy,
> A good deal of the major development for Google Chrome was done
> beginning with JAWS 2018.
> Some Chrome works with 17 but, you'll get better results with 2018 or
> 2019 if you can afford the $90 per year and update to 2019 via the
> home annual subscription on the FS web pagelocated in the e-store.
> go to the FS page and find the shop link.
> You can pay $90 and upgrade right from JAWS 17 to the current JAWS.
> Johne
> At 10:39 AM 12/31/2018, JM Casey wrote:
>> You won't be able to use Firefox anymore because of their changed
>> architecture that only works properly with JAWS 2018 or another
>> screen-reader, or Edge (assuming you have Windows 10), because there
>> is no Edge support in anything prior to the final build of JAWS 18.
>> Some people have reported success with Waterfox, which uses Firefox
>> legacy code. I don't know about Waterfox, myself; I don't know how
>> well it is really supported by its developer and I am a bit cautious
>> about it. I'm also not sure how much success you'll have with Chrome,
>> but I believe . updated Chrome still works fine with JAWS 18, so your
>> best bet might be to try it.
>> Otherwise, you might have to run IE if you're determined to keep
>> using that JAWS version.
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>> Subject: [jaws-users] best browser for jaws 17
>> I have jaws 17 on 3 computers, and have found that different browsers
>> work differently from each other, and would like to know what is the
>> best browser to use with jaws 17
> JAWS Certified, 2014.
> .

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