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Annette Carr

Hi David,


Thank you so much for your descriptions of the Leasey products.  I had not previously been aware of it.  As others have already stated, the features that simplify the user interface targets a specific population who can benefit from something like this.  This is a growing population as more and more seniors are experiencing sight loss. This transition to the use of JAWS is difficult. 


The feature that jumped out at me as an advanced user is the spell check assistance.  I am so frustrated with how JAWS and Microsoft are not playing together when it comes to this. 


Thanks for sharing.




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I've already addressed this topic in some detail in my previous message Leasey is really two separate pieces of software. Leasey Basic can be ideal for beginners as you correctly said. I think it would also be appropriate for some users with cognitive challenges. In fact, when I used to train students I worked with a few who had some cognitive issues who could have really benefited from a program like this.

Leasey Advanced, however, is for the intermediate and advanced JAWS user and adds a ton of additional features to the ones already offered by JAWS You can visit Leasey Central for more information.


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On 12/27/2018 2:27 PM, JM Casey wrote:

I’ve never really been convinced that it would be that useful to me, but it’s designed to run over top of JAWS (indeed, it’s mostly a set of JAWS scripts, I believe). It seems to alter the Windows interface experience. Although the sales pitch says it has “advanced features”, it looks like it might be more useful to a beginner, or someone who just cannot get used to using Windows in the standard way. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people on the list use it – anyone want to pipe up who actually does?




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Subject: [jaws-users] What is Leasey


I saw an adfor a program that is supposed to work with JAWS and it is called Leasey. Are there any users of this app and is it helpful to have working with JAWS? Is there a good reason to use it and is it truly compatible?




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