Re: JAWS not announcing turning on or off formatting

Debby Hill

Hi Robin,


I didn’t see an answer to your question go by, so I thought I would give it a try. I am using JAWS 2018 latest. It has to do with your JAWS verbosity setting. If you set JAWS “user Verbosity” to beginner, it will say “bold on” and “bold off” or whatever the formatting is. However, if your “user verbosity” is set to “intermediate” then it will just say “on” And “off.”


I keep my verbosity at intermediate and I learned something today trying to answer your question. If you go to the settings center – JAWS key + 6 on the number row-- tab once to get to the list of settings, Arrow down to “Speech Verbosity” and open that menu, you can change the verbosity level and also change what is spoken at each verbosity level. In Word when I would try to bold or otherwise format something, when I would turn it on, JAWS would say “on.” When I would try to stop the formatting JAWS would say “on” once again. Very confusing! I just when into the “configure Verbosity Level” menu and pressed space bar on “intermediate” and then made sure that all of the items that start with “control” were checked, and now when I turn formatting on I get “on” announced and when I turn the formatting “off” I hear JAWS say “off.” (One of those control items was not checked, but I now can’t remember which one.)


This may seem confusing, so if you have any questions let me know!


Take care and have fun!




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Since moving to JAWS, I have noticed that if I select text and change formatting such as to make it bold, pressing Control B only says “on”, not “bold on”.  I thought this was a quirk of JAWS, but I’m listening to a tutorial on JAWS and hearing someone else change formatting and it’s saying ”bold on”.  Any idea how I can enable this? 



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