Re: Amazon one-click button

Adrian Spratt

Takis, to clarify, you’re suggesting pressing the control key with one of the mouse simulation buttons, that is, the divide and multiply keys on the keypad? I thought at first you meant the arrow keys, but they don’t work. Control with the left  mouse key just might. I’m waiting for the opportunity to test it.


As for my Amazon problem, I bypassed the one-click button and placed my order via “Add to cart.” I noticed here that a popup appeared asking me to buy or reject a warranty. Perhaps this popup interfered with the one-click process and JAWS didn’t detect it. Just a guess.


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Hi Adrian-all,

I have not encountered this one as yet, however, using chrome, I have found that if I press contrl with one of the cursor route buttons on my display, things work when other ways do not. Jaws usually says °control mouse click.°

                                                                Hope this might help a bit,

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Subject: [jaws-users] Amazon one-click button


This morning I can’t activate Amazon’s one-click button. I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox and IE11. I’ve pressed the spacebar and enter key on the link, but no luck. In the case of chrome and IE11, I get a message saying something went wrong, but no explanation. I called amazon’s disability number, but the woman who answered didn’t understand the problem. I’ll try calling again in the hope someone with more screenreader familiarity answers, but meanwhile I’m hoping someone here has some ideas.

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