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Next month I will be getting a new and the latest RCA cambio windows10 tablet for $100 or so. I only have one working windows computer in my house. And I read for church on Sundays. I need it to put church readings and stuff on the orbit reader braille displays that I own and use with jaws 2019. If this computer dies I will have none so that is why I’m getting the cambio tablet with detachable physical keyboard and trackpad so I have an extra windows computer or two windows machines around. Then in March or so I’ll get my son a good dell laptop for gaming since he is sighted and in sixth grade. Then I’ll have 3 windows machines around. My question is, will jaws2019 work good on this 2-in-1 tablet? I will be putting both Jaws and NVDA onto the tablet so I have the most screen reading benefit. Here are the specs.

Display 10 or so inches with resolution 1200 or 1300 by 800 ips display.

32gig solid state flash storeage.

Windows 10 home 32bit and after updates according to what I read 21gb of space will be available on the 32gig ssd flash drive, it can be expanded with up to a 128gb micro sd card.

Intel atom quad core z8350 1.4ghz with turbo burst up to 1.9ghz.

2gigs of ddr3 ram.

3.5 inch headphone jack, one USB 3.0 full port, micro USB port, mini hdmi, micro sd card slot. Laptop keyboard without rightHand numberPad since it’s a small 2-in-1 device.

And you can detach the keyboard and use it as a touch tablet if you wish as well. I also saw on amazon, an acer switch for $225 with similar specs, but only difference is, windows 10 pro, and 64gig flash storeage and dual band 5ghz wifi with 4gigs ram rather than 2gigs ram. But I want to save money so will the cambio still work do you think?





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