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I Think that you can install Adobe Reder and in the options when you open that, you can set it to open .PDF files by default.



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Yo Kimsan,


See if the note below helps:

From: Sadam Ahmed

Try the below and see if it solves your problem.

1. Bring up the search box.

2. Type default apps and hit enter.

3. Tab to Set defaults by app Link.

4. Tab again, you should land on a list of apps.

5. Arrow down until you find the desired PDF reader, QRead, Adobe Dc  etc.

6. Hit enter.

7. It should say selected expanded button.

8. Tab to manage button and hit enter.

9. Now it'll read the different file types such as PDF, Epub.

10. Tab to each one and hit enter and make your changes.


Sadam Ahmed

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Take care.  Go Rams!
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How do I have a pdf not open up in Edge?

I received an attachment from a company I’m speaking with, the pdf opens up in Edge.

Thank you

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