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Adrian Spratt

Is that so? Someone wrote off-list to tell me I’d posted the wrong keystroke. I’d already permanently deleted my post so I couldn’t double-check. So, senility fended off for another day?


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Hi Adrian,


I don't have your original post available to read again but, I do believe you reported the correct keystroke to toggle Narrator on / off in Widows 10.  Windows key, Control + Enter.

Take care, Mike.
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Subject: [jaws-users] Number of items in a list


Earlier, I reported the wrong key combination for opening and closing Narrator, perhaps because I use it so often I stop thinking about it. The correct combo is control-Windows key-enter.


Again, for anyone who doesn’t have the current release of JAWS 2019, switching to Narrator will provide the correct number of files in a folder. It’s no longer necessary to do this with the current release of JAWS 2019.


I’m amazed I was away for dinner and two shows, and no one beat me to posting a correction!

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