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JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

You probably won’t have to do much with the Team Viewer window other than log in. It’s a very simple programme. I don’t really remember details about it but we used to use it at my old work. Mostly I was on the client end, but I think it’d be equally possible to control someone’s system using a screen-reader. One thing though is don’t count on being able to tell what the person on the other end, who will presumably be sighted, is doing with your system, since it’ll probably be moving quite fast. It helps a little (or it did in my case at least) having a braille display if you want to see what is going on.


“compatibility test” sounds quick and not complex though.


Just be careful – this person will have control of your system.


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Sent: August 1, 2018 3:51 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Teamviewer and jaws


Afternoon all,


This is kind of ergent as I have a job interview and need to know if anyone has used teamviewer with jaws 2018.  I took a look and found that the login screen seem to work.  This is a phone interview for infosition and they require a system compatibility test.  Thanks.





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