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chris judge

I’ve seen this happen I when replying, or even composing sometimes, but never while in the to field.


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Sounds like you need to change how your emails are being composed. Change from html to plain text, perhaps?


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Subject: [jaws-users] help with composing email in outlook 2016




Not sure how to word the subject line but this is my issue…


I’ve noticed lately no matter which jaws version I use, when pressing CTRL n to compose a new email, when typing it acts like I’m on the internet or quick keys are on.

For example, if I open an email to compose, hi folks. When I press the “H” for hi, it says there are no headings.

What do yall suppose the issue is. It’s driving me nuts!

I’ve made sure the window is maximized but outside of that not sure of what else to do.

I’m using windows 10 pro, jaws 17 through 2019.

Thank you.

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