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The instructions that I’m going to provide are for PowerPoint 2016.  They may very well work in earlier versions, but I cannot remember.


You are going to need to change your view from “normal” to “sort”.  Go to the “View” menu on the ribbon and open it.  “Normal” should be the first option, “Outline” the second, and “Sort” the third.  Navigate over to “sort” and press enter.  I’ll warn you now that sometimes “sort” is nowhere to be found on the “view” menu.  I think it is related to where your focus is when you go to the ribbon.  Let me know if this gives you problems, and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


Now that you are in “sort” view, your slides appear as small images arranged in rows and columns.  The order of the slides go from left to right and top to bottom.  Use your right and left arrow keys to move through the slides in sequential order.  The up and down arrows will move you from row to row.  As you move through the slides you will hear the title of the slide.  If the slide has been created without a title, you will not get a clue to what is on that slide, but you will hear the slide number.  You will not be able to read the content of the slide.  If there is no title, knowing the slide number can be helpful, but can be challenging to keep track of as you move slides around.


Navigate to a slide that you want to move or even copy.  Use your standard copy or cut commands.


Navigate to the slide right before where you want to move the slide to.  So if you want to move Slide 23 so that it is between Slides 15 and 16, you will move to slide 15 and use the paste command.  Keep in mind that if you are moving slide 15 so that it is between slide 23 and 24, I believe that when you cut it, slide 23 now becomes slide 22.  I try very hard to make sure all of my slides have titles so that I can avoid keeping track of the slide numbers. 


If you do move a slide to the wrong position, it can always be moved again to where you really want it to be.  The undo command may also work.


When you are done moving slides around, you can go back up to the “View” menu and change back to “normal”.








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Hi all, How do I move slides around in my presentation? I’m running Windows 10 with Jaws 2018.


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