skype 8.25 and skype for windows 10 universal first impressions

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi. using windows 10 64 bit pro 1803 and got jaws 2018, latest July update. And well found skype 8.25 a bit confusing and also it did not port over one contact which was my second brother, but it does in the windows 10 universal app. Find it a much cleaner interface, not sure about voicemail, forwarding, as don’t do that, I am on a skype group with a whole bunch of sighted students doing a interactive gaming and digital media course from, and also the skype 8.25 scripts did install, but did not load, and so got the scripts for the universal app, but just the default scripts. I would stick to thewindows 10 universal app, much easier for me.

Just my two cents worth.

And got it from the Microsoft store in Australia.

Marvin from Adelaide, Australia.



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