Re: question how to turn off audio ducking in jaws 2018


Hi Mike
you got it real quick this time.

On 7/30/18, Hareth <> wrote:
Hi Mich,
Press insert plus number 6
that open's jaws settings center
then press shift plus ctrl plus D
To make your changes as default system wide
search for "audio" and you will find :
Lower audio volume of programs while jaws speaks checked
Uncheck it and tab to find the OK button and press it.

On 7/30/18, Mich Verrier <> wrote:
Hi all I am using jaws 2018 and windows 10 on a windows 64 pc. I am
wondering how do I turn off audio ducking? When I am reading a book in
winamp when ever I get a message in my inbox jaws lowers the volume on
winamp inorder to read the message. I am looking for how to stop this
happening? Many thanks. From Mich.

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