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Sorry, I found an issue with one of my noted bugs.

5. Skype Electron 8.25 if you hit the react button on a message in a conversation, you're stuck. You can't get out of the list of possible reactions in any way except alt+f4 to close Skype, which will drop any ongoing calls you may be in currently.

Incorrect, it's skype uwp14 that does this, skype electron 8.25 you can likely use the virtual cursor to get out of it anyway but I believe you can escape to close that anyway.

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This is the last version of skype classic before the series of updates that had a feature or issue where they would use all of a cpu core for no apparent reason.

To my knowledge, the current up to date skype classic version is but it contains no major feature changes that I am aware of.

Some have said that this skype classic won't be able to log in after September first. If you have the time, please use skype uwp or skype electron also and report issues to microsoft via the feedback hub or via the report a problem feature. If using the feedback hub, you can jump directly to it like this, hit ctrl+comma for preferences, shift+tab till you find help and feedback. Once you hit that there's an option to send feedback. If you're using skype uwp 12 point something, then you might not have that in your preferences. In that case look for a more options button in the main window, help and feedback is located therein, but there's an additional option that says report a problem which takes you out to a webpage with a single edit box to type your problem into. I've been using both ways and reporting issues. I'm trying nto to just grype and whine about how I want to keep using skype classic as I'm farely sure that'll get me nowhere, but I'm trying constructive feedback on issues I'm finding, bugs in skype electron 8.25 and skype uwp preview 14 that need to be fixed before we are forced to be stuck with either option.

In case you want a reference, here are some of my issues.

1. Skype uwp 12 and skype electron 8.25 both continue to adjust your microphone gain even if configured not to. They litterally move the microphone gain slider under the sounds control panel. Skype uwp 14 will fix it there but there's no sign of a fix for 8.25. It's a really nasty one, as when people talk in the background and sometimes it doesn't need to be talking, just some sound for it to pick up on, if the person right at the computer doesn't talk or isn't there, it'll gain up really, really loud and when someone close by does talk they're all distorted and far too loud, many times louder than your screen reader until it kicks back.

2. Skype UWP 14 and Skype electron 8.25 both don't let you use home and end in the messages list or the conversations list.

3. Skype Electron 8.25 jumps you to the end of the messages list in the current conversation if you were focused on one a ways up from the bottom and wanted to comment on it, so you tabbed over and typed something and pressed enter to send, then tabbed your way back to the messages list, focus has been moved to the very bottom. This makes it next to impossible to catch up with a conversation you have fallen behind on while making comments along the way, and this jumping to end is unnecessary in the extreme given there's a jump to end button right there to do the same thing, except...

3. Skype uwp14 and Skype Electron 8.25 the jump to last message buttons don't seem to work, ever.

4. Skype UWP14 and Skype Electron 8.25 autoanswer functionality works while already in a call and rudely drops the call or puts on hold with whom ever you were already in a call with, without so much as a sound to notify you or them of the change. Autoanswer should never, ever, function while already in a call. Skype Classic has this all figured out, there's no excuse for modern Skype to not be able to get this right.

5. Skype Electron 8.25 if you hit the react button on a message in a conversation, you're stuck. You can't get out of the list of possible reactions in any way except alt+f4 to close Skype, which will drop any ongoing calls you may be in currently.

6. Skype Uwp 14 alt+1 for the conversations list doesn't work reliably, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, and I can't get a grasp on just what makes the difference. It should work without fail, in a call, in a chat, in preferences, no matter what, it should just work, and it should put focus directly on the list of conversations and not occasionally just focus the list of tabs instead. This was working well for Skype UWP 12, why does it need to be broken again?

7. Skype UWP 14 notifications aren't reliable. With the computer set to allow apps to run in background, set to allow skype to post notifications, skype uwp14 itself configured to notify you - all of the related boxes are ticked in preferences for it including the continue notifying even while do not disturb is on, you only get notification sounds maybe a fourth of the time, and I can't find a consistency with when I do get them. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a group conversation or not, or whether I'm in a call or not, or whether Skype UWP 14 has a window currently open or not, it may or may not make a sound when I get a chat, and it pretty much never posts the kind of notification that the screen reader will read automatically even though it's set to high priority. Skype uwp12 always notifies every single message in a group or out, in a call or not and is actually annoying for doing it, no reason Skype uwp14 can't be so good about it too. Skype Electron 8.25 is doing well in this area too currently..

A good thing in all this? Yes, skype UWP14 will fixed the bug with JAWS where it would read the wrong conversation or the wrong message do to sluggishness when arrowing up and down in it.

Some suggestions? Heck yes, add a keystroke to jump focus to the messages list in the current conversation, add another one to jump directly to the type a message here edit box, and, additionally, auto focus the message edit box if you start typing while focus is actually on the messages list.

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