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John R Vaughn

John, I think you are sending two copies because it looks like you have the
jaws list address in the "to" field twice.
John in sunny southwest Florida

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Hi John,
You are sending duplicate messages to the list.
Please make sure that there is only one recipient in the "to" field of your
messages to the list,
refer to the list guidelines.

Thank you,

Richard Q. Justice-list moderator

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I believe this is a google issue.
It happend using all three screen readers on my computer.
f5 helps the problem and my problem eventually went away. I may have
also checked to be sure I was on the latest google update.
At 08:06 AM 11/28/2018, Christopher Reagan wrote:
Good morning
So I'm having an issue where google chrome is not displaying with
jaws initially and in order for me to get to where I can display the
page, I half to restart jaws. This has been an ongoing issue that I
thought was fixed with jaws 2019. Can someone tell me what may be
happening and what I half to do to keep this from happening in the
future? I only see blank when google chrome initially starts. Any
help with this issue would be appreciated.
Thanks and take care

JAWS Certified, 2014.

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