Jaws 2019 does not recognize autocompleted addresses in Outlook 2016: possible solution

Adrian Spratt

Vispero solved this problem for me with a file they sent. They then sent me new instructions that make it unnecessary to go through the file replacement process. I haven't tried these steps because my Outlook problem was already resolved when I received them, but I pass them along in case they help others on the list. Note that Vispero tells me they work for some people but not all. I also don't know if they work for other versions of Outlook.

1. Remove the configNames.ini file from the
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2019\Settings\enu Replace "username" with your user name.
Copy it to another folder in case this doesn't work.
2. Close JAWS and Relaunch JAWS.
3. Open Outlook 2016
4. Press Alt + U
5. Outlook should tell you that you need to restart the application for changes to take effect. Press Enter.
6. Next Close Outlook with Alt + F4.
7. Restart Outlook.
8. Now try typing addresses in the To field of a new message.

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