Re: Editing cells in Excel 2016

Jim Pursley

   I've also noticed that JAWS reads the entire contents of a cell as one word if it's a phrase.  I'f I'm entering multiple words in a cell, I can still edit in the usual way provided that I don't hit enter nor leave the cell.

Editing works character by character when there is only one word, however long, in the cell. 

My workaround is to retype the cell contents, as it's usually only one line and not too complicated.

This said, I would like to see VFO return editing to the normal character by character mode in all Excel circumstances. 

On 7/28/2018 5:51 PM, Annette Carr wrote:

Hi Al,


Yes, I have seen this exact thing that you have described.  It always happens when the formula is long, and intermittent with all other cells.  When it happens, I do the following:


  1. F2 to edit the cell
  2. Control home to get to begin of the cell contents.
  3. Shift+Control+End to select all of the cell content.  Note, you can try Control+A instead of steps 2 and 3, but I have found inconsistencies with its use.
  4. Paste the contents into a NotePad file.
  5. Edit the information.
  6. Copy the informtion from the NotePad.
  7. Delete the contents of the cell from within the cell or outside the edit mode.
  8. Make sure you  are inside the blank cell.  Use F2 if necessary.
  9. Paste the contents from the NotePad file into the cell.


Lengthy process, but you can get the job done.






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Using Win 1803 and latest Jaws 2018 I run into a strange situation when trying to edit cell contents in excel within MS Office 2016

Whether the cell contains text or a formula, some cells can be edited by dressing F2 and then arrowing back and forth making necessary corrections. However, other cells doing the same only reads the entire cell contents when arrowing either way. No pattern or consistency to this behavior. Have others experienced this too? Any work arounds?






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