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Matthew Horspool


Yes this is a good suggestion and probably the answer. Other things to try:

1.       Also in Settings Centre/Text Processing/Number an Date Processing, have a play with the "Number Processing" setting. "Controlled by synthesizer" is usually fine. Failing that you could try "Full Numbers". "Single Digits" or "Pairs" will render results similar to what you are describing.

2.       Check how the number itself is written out. In the UK, an annoying precedent has emerged wherein groups of three digits are separated by a space rather than a comma, e.g. 10 000 instead of 10,000 or even 10000. If your numbers are written out in this way, JAWS has no chance.

That has made me think, though, that perhaps I should suggest to FS that the non-breaking space be considered a digit separator. Not that many people use that character, but we have to start somewhere. Others could also join me in making this suggestion if they wish: suggestions@...



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In configuration manager check number if more than 8 digits, containint dashes etc.


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"Kimsan via Groups.Io" ---28.11.2018 08:09:08---Hi, Using jaws 18 through 2019 on latest windows 10, I'm trying to have jaws for

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Using jaws 18 through 2019 on latest windows 10, I’m trying to have jaws for example say ten thousand, instead of ten zeero zero.
Can someone help?
Thank you.

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