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Annette Carr



This is good to know.  Is there a way to read the word in context?





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Microsoft has an alternative way to check spelling, since the traditional f7 way does not work well with screen readers.

Press alt-f7 in a Word document or Outlook message and your cursor will be in a list of suggestions.  JAWS reads what MS Word is suggesting for the correct spelling.  Press enter to choose that word.  Press insert-5 to hear it again, insert5 twice to hear it spelled, or insert-c to hear the word in context.  You can arrow down through the list of suggestions and press enter to choose the one you want.  

To hear the next spelling error, press alt-f7 again.  When there are no more errors,  it will announce that the spelling check is complete.  Press ok to close.



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We do need a feature which emulates the way it was done in Window-Eyes. I like being able to press M or shift-M to move to words which are marked as being incorrect but the virtual cursor needs to be turned on in order for these keys to work. Of course, when the virtual cursor is enabled then you can't edit your document. With Window-Eyes, you could jump from one incorrect word to the next without needing to go into browse mode and this is something that I don't think JAWS allows. If others feel strongly about this we should write to suggestions@... and offer this as a product suggestion. I'm a Leasey user and I'm going to see if Leasey can already do this. If it cannot then I'm going to ask Brian Hartgen if he could consider implementing this.

For those who are unfamiliar with Leasey, it is awesome. You can read more about it by going to Leasey Central.


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Also, in Word if you turn on quick nav with insert Z.  You can press the letter M to find misspelled words.  HTH
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Thanks Bill for asking the question.
I found the below instructions and like this method even a little better than the old Window-Eyes method, though it would be nice in some cases to use that method
First enable Jaws Spelling and Grammar by pressing Insert V and arrow down to Spelling and grammar and press spacebar to active, then Enter.
To list all spelling errors in document press Alt Shift L.
Arrow down through the errors and press Enter to correct one.
The error will be read out – correct using normal editing methods.
Press Alt Shift L to read other errors and repeat.
Press Alt Shift G to read grammar errors
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On Nov 26, 2018, at 9:59 AM, Bill Holton <billindeland@...> wrote:
When I used to use Window-Eyes, I could use Alt semicolon and alt: colon to move to the previous and next error and be still in the text to make corrections by hand.  Is there any way to do this using JAWS?

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