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Hi John you seam to have the same issue i have.

I find on my 11 inch lenovo the sound just goes stupid.

Jaws or what ever screen reader does the same they go so e sound so echo and reverby hard to understand it.

The only way for me is to re boot computer.but i fixed it by reinstalling windows 10.ovo and it fixed it a year ago.

But last few months its doing it again.

It drives me crazy.

Cheers michael.

And i did this on my len

And i can just turn on and it can happen or it may go for hours before this happens again.

I had this happen on a 14 inch HP

On 24/11/18 1:34 AM, John Gassman wrote:
Hi Fred,
I don't know if this is what you are hearing.
But, from time to time, I hear a fuzzy sound coming out of my computer and it happens regardless of which screen reader I try. It has to be my realtech sound card.
Shutting down JAWS or NVDA or Narrator and bringing it back does no good.
the only way to get rid of the sound that I know of is to reboot the computer.
this problem happens occasionally and I can not  bring it back on demand, there is no patern.
I'm using the latest windows 10, not the insider build. I'm using the private beta of JAWS 2019 although that doesn't make any difference either.
It would still happen if I had JAWS 2018 on the computer as well.
 At 04:24 AM 11/23/2018, you wrote:
I am using W 10, jaws 2019 and
I am having problems with
realtech audio.  I would like
to know if realtech can be
uninstalled and reinstalled or
if there is a realtech repair.
I am on a Del desktop computer
that is fairly new and jaws
sounds like it is talking
inside a barrel and I have
gone through settings many
times over and called the
Microsoft handicap help but
still sounds the same.
Drivers are up to date etc.  I
am almost sure that the
problem is that audio
enhancements are not loading
but I do not know how to
correct this.  I know all
about setting up jaws as I
have done it many times over
the years but I have never had
audio like this.  I have two
other computers and the jaws
audio is great on both.  Any
suggestions will be greatly
appreciated.  The computer is
useable but very annoying.

Thanks much,


JAWS Certified, 2014.

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