Re: mozilla thunder bird and jaws 2019.

michaeel's mail

Hi Maria that is strange why i am only one having this issue.

Jaws support cannot reproduce it eitherr.

As i said i have 3 laptops and all do the same thing.

And jaws 18 and 2018 read perfectly.

I get frustrated when i have to read emails with the say all or just arrow up and down.

Cheers Michael.

On 24/11/18 2:28 AM, Maria Campbell wrote:

I'm not having that problem.

Maria Campbell

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On 11/23/2018 5:53 AM, michaeel's mail wrote:

Hi guys i was wondering if anyone useing thunder bird with latest jaws is haveing a problem with jaws not automaticaly reading that email after you press enter on it.

Cos i am,  i have thunder bird on  3 laptops and it does  it on all them.

but with jaws 2018 it works just fine.

It reads email not a problem.

Cheers Michael.

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