Re: help with zedge and jaws.

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No zedge its a free down load ring tones for phones.

But with jaws i can no longer find the down load button i can play the tones thats it.

Cheers Michael.

On 17/11/18 11:35 PM, Rick Justice wrote:
Hi Michael,
What is zedge?
Did you mean Edge?
It would be more helpful if you would give more specific information such 
What version of Jaws you are using
The proper name of the application you are using
The website you are having trouble with
Using the proper name of applications and checking spelling before sending 
your messages will go a long way in getting help.

Rick Justice

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Hi guys i use to be able to down load ring tones via zedge.

Now i can play the tone i want but cannot work out how to down load it
to my computer.

I do not find any down load button cheers Michael.

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