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Chris Chaffin


Himmm... After typing and selecting my address and going to envelope in the mail tab, I land on the delivery address edit field.  Then as I tab, I land on the following items:
Address Book combo box
Add electronic postage checkbox
Return Address edit field
Address Book combo box for return address
Omit checkbox
Print button

I am using Word 2016 and Jaws 2019.  Not sure if this would make a difference, but have you checked to make sure your window was maximized?
I am not having any problems in the envelopes dialog box except for being able to type in the address edit fields.

On Nov 8, 2018, at 5:16 PM, Kate Walsh <cwalsh1009@...> wrote:


The problem is that I can’t tab to print. Every time I try to tab to print JAWS stops talking.


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I even had problems typing in addresses in Office 2013, so this is what I do.

I first bring up a new blank document.

I then type the name and address in my blank document.

Then do a select all to select the name and address you just typed.

Then do the keyboard shortcut to get to the envelope print dialog box.  Word will automatically put the selected name and address in the address box for your envelope, so all you have to do is to tab to print and hit the space bar.


So basically you are just typing the name and address in a blank document instead of the envelope dialog box.

Just do not forget to select the name and address or your envelope box will remain blank.


Hope this helps.




On Nov 8, 2018, at 1:38 PM, Kate Walsh <cwalsh1009@...> wrote:


I upgraded my system to JAWS 2018, windows 10 and office 2016.

II was using JAWS 2017 and office 2013 and I had no problems filling out an envelope.

I just tried to fill out an envelope using, alt + m than e for envelopes.

I typed the delivery address and then I tried to tab to print but it doesn’t work.


I would appreciate if someone could let me know how to print an envelope using office 2016.

Thanks in advance.

Kate Walsh.


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