Re: migrating settings after setting up JAWS 2019

Patrick Johnson


Worked like a charm.

Thanks for the help,


On 11/6/18, Mike B. <mike9902@...> wrote:
Hi Patrick,

Try the following:
1. Open the Jaws context menu with, Insert / Jaws key + J.
2. Down arrow to, Utilities, and press enter.
3. Down arrow to, Import / Export submenu, and press enter.
4. Down arrow to, Migrate settings..., and press enter.
5. Now you'll have a combobox to choose which version of Jaws you would like

to migrate your settings from... After you choose which Jaws version tab 1
time to, Yes, and press the spacebar and follow the prompts.
Take care. Mike. Go Rams!
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What are the steps to migrate settings to JAWS 2019 from an earlier
version, ie 2018? I installed 2019 over the weekend and ignored the
migrate settings option when I was given the choice. Now I would like
to use my 2018 settings in 2019. Googling the topic yielded no useful



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