Re: Problems with Outlook 2016

Annette Carr



Use Shift+Tab to get to the Folder list, and Tab to get back to the list of messages.


Let me know if you use the Control+e for searching in Outlook.  For me both at home and work it is really odd, but I solved the puzzle.


Then there is spell check.  It is a mess.





From: <> On Behalf Of Chris Chaffin
Sent: Sunday, November 4, 2018 12:05 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Problems with Outlook 2016


Hello all,


I am brand new                to Windows 10 and have a question regarding Outlook 2016.

In the past, my Outlook was set ut with 3 panes, the folder pane, the messages pane, and the reading pane.  And you could just tab from one pane to the other


I have looked through all of the menus and settings, but I must be overlooking something, because I am having problems geting the folder pane to appear.  This is what I have when I open Outlook.

When I first open Outlook, I am put in the message list with all of my messages, which is normal to me.

When I tab one time, I am put in a search box, then with another tab I land on the search button.

Now when I tab again, It says, Current mailbox submenu.

I would think that my folder list would be after that by just arrowing down, but it is not.

No matter whether I tab, arrow right, or arrow down, the next thing that Jaws says is:

Leaving menus, All button checked.

Then whether I arrow right or down, or tab, I then get three more buttons or choices:

Unread button, By date button, and newest on top button.

And that is the end of that pane, the only way I can move forward is by tabbing, and that puts me back in my message list.


So I have 4 items to cycle through.

The message list, The search pane, The Current Mailbox Menu, then the 4 choices of All, unread, by date, and newest on top.


Now, if I hit control Y, it does bring up a list of different folders, and I can move between them that way, but I am looking for the view that I described in the beginning of my message.

If anyone could help me get my Outlook with the 3 panes, Folder pane, messages pane, and the reading pane, then I would greatly appreciate it!


I am running Jaws 2019 with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.






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