Re: Control-F Inconsistent for Searching in Word 2010

Terrie Terlau

Hello Brian,
Thank you so much for these wonderful directions. They have worked for me and believe me the control-f thing was driving me mad.
Thank you again for your precise, detailed info. I did right arrow instead of down arrowing to find the Home tab in Word 2017. I also arrowed through the file menu to get to options as Word 2017 did not accept the t hot key for getting to options. Everything worked like a charm.
Terrie Terlau

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Hello Margaret,

Here are the steps for getting CTRL+F to work in the traditional manner. These steps work in Word 2013. I don't have Word 2016 but I think they should also work in that version of Word.

1. Use Alt with F followed by T to go into the Word options.
2. In the list of categories either use down arrow or press the letter C until you get to the “customize ribbon” category.
3. Press Alt with T to use the customize button.
4. Use down arrow until you get to the Home tab.
5. Tab to the commands list.
6. In the commands list press E until you find the “EditFind” command.
7. Tab a couple times to the “press new shortcut key” box.
8. Press CTRL with F.
9. Tab to the Save Changes In box and choose Normal.DOTM.
10. Tab to the Assign button and press spacebar.
11. Tab to the Close button and use spacebar.
12. Tab to OK and use spacebar.

Take care.

Brian Lee

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Thank you very much for this, Adrian. The JAWS Find command seems to work consistently here and I'm used to using it with other programs.

I'll look for the discussion from several months ago.

Some time ago, I found an old post from someone on one of the lists that I'm on that I think gave instructions for modifying Word so Control-F would work properly. Unfortunately, I had a roaring headache at the time and saved it in one of my e-mail folders figuring I'd remember where I moved it and could try it when I was feeling better. Now, I don't remember which list it was on or who the poster was.

On 7/25/2018 2:46 PM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
First, for most purposes, the JAWS find command works more consistently: JAWS key+control+f. It will search only for whole words.
Second, this list had a lengthy thread on this very subject a few
months ago. I don't think we came together as a group on this one. I find that the first time I press control-f, nothing seems to happen. However, pressing it a second time and typing in the search string always works. After that, I Listen carefully to what JAWS says. Moving to the next instance requires the spacebar.
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Good Afternoon, All:

Months ago I started having a problem searching for text in Word 2010 documents running JAWS 18 on my Windows 7 64 bit Home machine. The Control-F command is very Inconsistent and often works only one time out of six or more times or even a dozen. I've try pressing Control-F several times quickly when the normal one fails since I thought I saw a post somewhere that that helps and it still isn't consistent and it often takes more than a half dozen tries to search. Sometimes Control-F doesn't even work the first time I use it that day with a Word document. I've even tried the other Control key in case the problem was with the right hand one.

I renewed my JAWS SMA and installed J2018 and still have the same problem. Control-F seems to work every time with J16 and 17; and also with NVDA2018.1.1 and also worked consistently with NVDA 2017.x.

When I press Control-F with JAWS, JAWS says nothing at all instead of
something like navigation pane and search box where I can type in what
I want to

search for and then hit enter.

Any help getting Control-F to work with JAWS18 and 2018 would be greatly appreciated. I use Thunderbird for e-mail and JAWS 2018 works better for me than some of the previous versions of JAWS and that's why I am using it.


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