Re: Editing cells in Excel 2016

Douglas C. DeCamp


I have experienced this problem and have worked with FS to send them a great deal of documentation.  They are well aware of this issue & are supposed to be working on it.  In my case, the problem only occurs if there is a cell reference in the formula.  I have found no suitable workaround.  You can still move around and make the corrections to the formula if you can remember exactly where the cursor is.  This is really a pain.  I had hoped this would be fixed in the last update.  No such luck. Called FS and they indicated still working on the problem.




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Using Win 1803 and latest Jaws 2018 I run into a strange situation when trying to edit cell contents in excel within MS Office 2016

Whether the cell contains text or a formula, some cells can be edited by dressing F2 and then arrowing back and forth making necessary corrections. However, other cells doing the same only reads the entire cell contents when arrowing either way. No pattern or consistency to this behavior. Have others experienced this too? Any work arounds?






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