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Geno Stone

I worked at Northern New England AAA Call center for 16 years. In the interview for the job, I brought my Disc, and on which was the second interview for the job. As they were curious how this Jaws would work. So, in that interview on the Support and training room, I installed with their tech person, Jaws. They were very protective of their Data.. With it only in the demo-mode I could and did show them. Now if one loves Laptops and brought their Laptop with them and was willing to show on the Laptop this would be a step out of the picture. Such as using a layout of Documents and ETC. Along with the accessing the web-site. I was the first ever blind person they hired, so only used my license and Jaws. Yet, when it became clear there was others interested, blind, to work, I explained to Michael, Vice President, this would require and then could be placed on their System and pumped  into the computers being used by the Blind personal. Which Michael did. A little more expensive and yet willing to do as there was at the time, as I am retired now, for any company to hire a disabled person. So it off-set the cost. I have no clue what the price is now for a business to purchase the license now.

Gene/Geno Portland, ME.


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OK. How simple I will make it. I am going to interview in which I need to explain about JAWS and license. I want to give to the person doing the interview info about jaws and how a company can get a license.


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Holger, this is the second time you’ve posted this same query, but I’m afraid I, for one, can’t make sense of it. Please try to explain exactly what you’re asking. Why, for example, would a prospective employer want to know about your JAWS license?


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Subject: [jaws-users] Documentation and license


Where I can get info about jaws 2018 and license? Want to show in interview when I talk about accessibility.

Holger Fiallo

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